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Program 2008

Buxton, Dome

08:55 > 09:00 Opening address D.M. Coleston-Shields (UK)

part I: Invited speakers Chair: D.M. Coleston-Shields (UK)
09:00 > 09:35 Genetics of headache: new findings J. Haan (NL)
09:35 > 10:10 Facial pain, precision diagnosis, and prognosis T.J. Nurmikko (UK)
10:10 > 10:45 Cluster headache: an update M. Matharu (UK)

10:45 > 11:15 Coffee break

Part II: Free communications Chair: E. Couturier (NL)
11:15 > 11:30 Risk of serotonin syndrome in patients using eletriptan and sertraline E.A. MacGregor & A.A. Frith (UK)
11:30 > 11:45 Symptomatic migraine R. Lane & P. Davies (UK)
11:45 > 12:00 Cluster headache and oxygen: is it possible to predict which patients will be relieved? D. Haane (NL)
12:00 > 12:15 Investigating subarachnoid haemorrhage in the South West of England: an analysis of diagnostic process C. Price, J. George, K. Gormley, A. Fawad, I. Imam, N. Wright, W. Honan, B. McLean, H. Sanders & S. Weatherby (UK)
12:15 > 12:30 Headache: a non-thrombotic manifestation of antiphospholipid syndrome? M.W. Weatherall (UK)
12:30 > 12:45 e-Health development in the behavioural treatment of migraine E.H.M. van den Heuvel, E.R. Bossema & M.J. Sorbi (NL)
12:45 > 13:00 Who should be imaged for suspected brain tumour in primary care? D. Kernick (UK)
13:00 > 13:15 A pounding headache M. Bracewell (UK)

13:15 > 14:15 Lunch

Part III: Afternoon session
14:15 > 15:15 Medication overuse headache: a debate ADMA group event led by P. Davies & D. Kernick (UK)
15:15 > 15:30 Medication overuse headache: personal experience G. Elrington (UK)
15:30 > 16:00 Triptan overuse in the Dutch general population: data from a nationwide pharmaco-epidemiology database analysis of 6.7 million people and from general practice F. Dekker (NL)

16:00 > 16:30 Coffee break

16:30 > 16:45 Ed Chronicle Bursary lecture: a tribute & an introduction D.M. Coleston-Shields (UK)
16:45 > 17:30 ‘Behaviour Counts’ 16th Marcia Wilkinson lecture by M.J. Sorbi (NL), introduced by J. de Hoon (B)
17:30 > 18:00 Annual General meeting (ADMA members only)

Genetics of migraine: New findings

Joost Haan

Identification and analysis of gene mutations in familial hemiplegic migraine (FHM) remains the focus of research of migraine genetics. Several new mutations have recently been identified in FHM1, FHM2 and FHM3 genes. Functional studies further revealed a major role for disturbed ion transport in this disorder. The findings point to an important role for cortical spreading depression in migraine pathophysiology. New genetic approaches have been tested in common migraine: novel chromosomal loci, but no gene variants have been identified.The identification of TREX1 mutations in families with retinal vasculopathy and associated diseases such as migraine may provide new insights in migraine pathophysiology.

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