Marcia Wilkinson Lectures

1 1993 Scheveningen M. Wilkinson Medication misuse headache
2 1994 Arundel L.A.H. Hogenhuis Headache and the interganglionic circuitry
3 1995 Apeldoorn J.M.S. Pearce Headaches and diagnoses
4 1996 Mildenhall G.W. Bruyn Migraine. A Head in digression
5 1997 ’s Hertogenbosch J.D. Carroll Through the looking glass
6 1998 Durham P. Saxena Migraine and serotonine
7 1999 Leiden J.N. Blau Migraine is solvable - but how?
8 2000 Edinburgh P.J. Koehler Headache history & history of headache. A day on “Cephamal Farm”
9 2001 Utrecht M. Sandler Biochemical aspects of migraine
10 2002 Warwick J.W. Hartma n Question marks
11 2003 Rotterdam E.A. MacGregor The problem with women
12 2004 Chester A. Keyser Migraine after 400 years, a clinician’s view
13 2005 Nijmegen T.J. Steiner WHO cares about headache. The Burden of Headache
14 2006 Exeter J.L. van der Zwan Chocolate, craving and triggering
15 2007 Leuven R. Cull The Art of Migraine Genetics
16 2008 Buxton M.J. Sorbi Behaviour counts in migraine prophylaxis
17 2009 Amsterdam R. Peatfield Has headache any purpose?
18 2010 London J. Haan The art of Migraine Painting & Genetics
19 2011 Maastricht P. Davies
20 2012 Brighton Antoinette Maassen van den Brink Blood vessels and migraine; from organ bath to woman
21 2013 Haarlem Manjit Matharu Cervicogenic headache
22 2014 Greenwich Wim Mulleners Cortical dysexcitability in migraine: science and semantics
23 2015 Valencia Professor Alan Rapoport From an American point of view
24 2016 Dordrecht Zameel Cader Novel tools and technologies to solve the mysteries of migraine
25 2017 Norwich Gisela Terwindt Let's talk about genetics!
26 2018 Zwolle Dr Alexandra Sinclair Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: From pathogenic underpinnings & novel therapeutics to management guidelines
272019HullProfessor Koen PaemeleireCluster headache: points and pearls
282022OldenzaalDr Giorgio LambruSUNCT, SUNA and Trigeminal Neuralgia: a continuum?
292023PenrithProfessor Arn van den MaagdenbergGenetics in migraine
302024GhentAnna Andreou