Program 2010

Scientific programme 14 May 2010

At the Whitechapel Gallery

Theme: Trigeminal neuralgia: Knowledge or belief? Chair Giles Elrington
09:00 Welcome and introduction: Giles Elrington
09:15 Gavin Giovannoni: The philosophy of medical knowledge
09:45 John Wadley: Microvascular compression syndromes
10:15 Manjit Matharu: Diagnostic challenges and Ophthalmic Trigeminal Neuralgia

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Free presentations Chair Emile Couturier
11:15 Online Support in Clinical Headache Care. Marjolijn Sorbi, Marieke van Silfhout, Dirk Westhuis, Jan van der Zwan,
11:35 Chronic headache after a “spiked drink”. Richard Peatfield
11:55 How do cardiac disorders trigger migraine? A case and review of migraine with aura triggered by cardiac myxoma. Laura de Ceuster, Ton van Diepen, Peter J Koehler.
12:15 Migrainous vasospasm: biological significance and clinical consequences. Russell Lane, Paul Davies.
12:25 Are retention rates useful in assessing preventive treatments for headache? Mark Weatherall

12:45 Lunch

13:45 1st Ed Chronicle Bursary Lecture Chair Dons Coleston-Shields. Developing a Chronic Headache Psychology Service in Plymouth UK. Craig Newman, Helen Brown, Sarah Kenyon, Rupert Noad, Stuart Weatherby
14:30 Breakout sessions: Theme: Uncertainty in clinical practice Moderator Hans Carpay.

15:45 Tea

16:15 18th Marcia Wilkinson lecture Chair Giles Elrington. The Art of Migraine Genetics. Joost Haan.

17:00 Annual General Meeting (members only) Chair Emile Couturier; agenda & minutes Ton van Diepen

17:30 Meeting close