Program 2021

Scientific meeting: provisional program (UK times)

9:00am-9:15am          Registration

9:15am-9:30am          Welcome/Opening remarks

Morning session: Lectures

9:30am-9:50am          Clinical spectrum of traumatic brain injury

Raeburn Forbes

9:50am-10:10am        Epidemiology of post-traumatic headache

Nicolas Vandenbussche

10:10am-10:30am      Clinical spectrum of post-traumatic headache

Simone Gregoire

10:30am-10:50am      Pathophysiology of post-traumatic headache

Giorgio Lambru

10:50am-11.20am      Question and Answer

All faculty

11:20am-12:00pm      Coffee Break

12:00pm-12:20am      Is post-traumatic headache (migraine phenotype) different from non-traumatic migraine

Rolf Fronczek

12:20am-12:40am      Management of post-traumatic headache

Krishna Dani

12:40am-1:00pm        Outcomes and prognosis of post-traumatic headache


1:00pm-1:20pm          Medicolegal aspects of post-traumatic headache

Russell Lane

1:20pm-1:50pm          Question and Answer

All faculty

1:50pm-2:00pm                        Close of meeting