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Burundanga exposure headache

Richard Peatfield, MD FRCP
Princess Margaret Migraine Clinic, Charing Cross Hospital, London W6 8RF, U.K.
Prof. Dr. Carlos M. Villalón PhD
Departamento de Farmacobiología, Cinvestav-­‐Coapa, Deleg. Tlalpan, 14330 México D.F., MEXICO

Many hypnotic and tranquillising drugs can also induce amnesia, an effect exploited by anaesthetists when performing potentially distressing medical procedures such as endoscopies in anxious patients. Unfortunately, many of the drugs have also found a place in criminal youth culture, enabling the unscrupulous to render victims powerless to resist sexual assault or even theft. As a result some of these agents, including flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) have been withdrawn from sale. Many are benzodiazepines, and are sedative, which is often useful in legitimate clinical practice, but (it may be assumed) less so when such drugs are used for criminal purposes. The muscarinic receptor antagonist scopolamine (l-­‐hyoscine), derived from Henbane in Europe, has been used as an anaesthetic premedication for many years, as it simultaneously inhibits vagal reflexes, dries oral secretions and impairs memory, without suppressing respiration.

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Program 2010

Scientific programme 14 May 2010

At the Whitechapel Gallery

Theme: Trigeminal neuralgia: Knowledge or belief? Chair Giles Elrington
09:00 Welcome and introduction: Giles Elrington
09:15 Gavin Giovannoni: The philosophy of medical knowledge
09:45 John Wadley: Microvascular compression syndromes
10:15 Manjit Matharu: Diagnostic challenges and Ophthalmic Trigeminal Neuralgia

10:45 Coffee break

11:15 Free presentations Chair Emile Couturier
11:15 Online Support in Clinical Headache Care. Marjolijn Sorbi, Marieke van Silfhout, Dirk Westhuis, Jan van der Zwan,
11:35 Chronic headache after a “spiked drink”. Richard Peatfield
11:55 How do cardiac disorders trigger migraine? A case and review of migraine with aura triggered by cardiac myxoma. Laura de Ceuster, Ton van Diepen, Peter J Koehler.
12:15 Migrainous vasospasm: biological significance and clinical consequences. Russell Lane, Paul Davies.
12:25 Are retention rates useful in assessing preventive treatments for headache? Mark Weatherall

12:45 Lunch

13:45 1st Ed Chronicle Bursary Lecture Chair Dons Coleston-Shields. Developing a Chronic Headache Psychology Service in Plymouth UK. Craig Newman, Helen Brown, Sarah Kenyon, Rupert Noad, Stuart Weatherby
14:30 Breakout sessions: Theme: Uncertainty in clinical practice Moderator Hans Carpay.

15:45 Tea

16:15 18th Marcia Wilkinson lecture Chair Giles Elrington. The Art of Migraine Genetics. Joost Haan.

17:00 Annual General Meeting (members only) Chair Emile Couturier; agenda & minutes Ton van Diepen

17:30 Meeting close